Bus and Transit Accidents

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Buses are a common sight in Las Vegas. There are tour buses, school buses and city buses bringing people to work. When a bus is involved in a crash, multiple people can be injured, and many lives are affected. Lasso Injury Law LLC hold negligent parties accountable and help victims recover financial compensation for their injuries.

The injuries sustained in a bus crash can be very serious. They can include broken bones, lacerations, traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injuries. Treatment can involve surgery, hospitalization, physical therapy, medication and follow-appointments. Medical expenses can add up quickly. It can take months or even years to recover. Some injuries can cause permanent damage.

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    Bus crashes are complicated, because many parties could be involved - many more than in most car accidents. There is the bus company, the bus manufacturer, and the manufacturer of bus parts, as well as the company responsible for maintenance. Some or all of these parties could be located out of state. Then there is the bus driver, as well as the driver of any car responsible for causing the crash. All of these parties have insurance companies and lawyers looking out for their interests.

    You need an experienced, aggressive attorney who can hold negligent parties accountable and will protect your rights. Bus accident attorney Al Lasso fights for you.

    We find out what really happened

    Our legal team will investigate your bus accident to find out which party was at fault. There may be multiple liable parties. The driver may have acted negligently. But the bus company may also be responsible for failing to prioritize the safety of passengers and other people on the road.

    Al will determine the true extent of the damages you suffered. These can include current and future medical expenses related to your injury, lost income if you can't work, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and other damages.

    Insurance companies may try to minimize your claim and pay you as little as possible. Al builds a strong case that they have to take seriously. He is often able to get them to agree to negotiate a settlement that works for you. If not, he will fight for you in court.

    If you were injured in a bus or transit accident, call 702-625-8777 to schedule a free consultation. If you can't come to our office, Al can meet you at your home, hospital room or whatever location is most convenient for you.

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