Construction Accidents

Fighting for the rights if injured victims

Las Vegas is a growing city with lots of on-going construction. But construction can be dangerous work. Accidents can easily happen that result in serious injuries. If you were injured in a construction accident, you need an experienced, skilled attorney who will fight for you. Lasso Injury Law LLC can protect your rights and help you recover financial compensation.

Workers injured on the job at construction sites can file for workers' compensation benefits to cover the costs of treating their injuries, as well as partial lost wages while they can't work. You aren't able to sue your employer for injuries you suffered while on the job, even if your employer was negligent.

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    But if a third party's negligence was responsible for the accident that caused your injury, you can seek to recover damages from that party. Construction accident lawyer Al Lasso is very familiar with the laws in Nevada and can help you recover compensation.

    Types of construction accidents that can occur involve:

    Contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, equipment rental companies and property owners are all examples of third parties that can be found negligent in construction accidents.

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    Corporations and insurance companies all have lawyers that will work to avoid responsibility and deny your claim. They may even try to suggest you were somehow responsible for what happened. Lawyers will delay resolving your claim. And insurance companies may pressure you to accept a lowball settlement offer.

    Al Lasso fights for you. We have the resources of a larger firm and can move your case forward until we reach a resolution that suits you. Our legal team will investigate your accident, and seek copies of safety records and accident reports. We will identify and interview witnesses. Al knows where to look for evidence that negligence led to your injury.

    He also will determine the total damages you suffered as a result of being hurt. The damages we can seek in these cases include pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life and loss of consortium. Al will pursue your case aggressively and won't back down.

    Many times, he is able to convince the insurance company it is in their best interests to negotiate a settlement that works for you. But if they won't negotiate, he will fight for you in court. Al is a skilled litigator who has won many big awards for clients at trial.

    If you were injured in a construction accident involving the negligence of a third party, you need an experienced, aggressive attorney on your side. Call us at 702-625-8777 for a free consultation.

    Building collapse

    Building construction is common in the Las Vegas area. But faulty design, improper safety procedures by third parties or the use of shoddy materials can lead to a collapse that causes catastrophic injury and wrongful death. When a building collapses, it brings down exterior walls onto everyone below. They could be hit with bricks, concrete, steel beams and other dangerous materials. Our firm investigates building collapses to look for evidence that negligence led to unnecessary tragedy.

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    Fires and explosions

    Construction work often involves the use of flammable chemicals, pressurized containers and heat-powered tools and equipment. Some jobs on construction sites involved the use of open flame or electrical current. Defective equipment or improper use by third parties can lead to a fire or explosion that leaves workers seriously hurt. Burn injuries are common in these types of accidents, and may require lifelong treatment. Our law firm looks for evidence that negligence was responsible for your accident.

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    Crane accidents

    Different types of cranes - truck cranes, rail-mounted cranes and overhead cranes - are vital pieces of equipment when constructing a building. But they can also be extremely dangerous. When safety procedures aren't followed, or equipment is defective, a crane can collapse or hit someone, resulting in serious injury or death. Construction companies and manufacturers may try to blame other circumstances for what happened. Our legal team investigates to find proof of negligence.

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    Falling objects

    Construction workers and third-party contractors often do their jobs high in the air when putting up a building. There are safety procedures that must be followed in order to protect them and any workers or pedestrians below. A falling object - such as tools, bricks, boards or other objects - can be extremely dangerous. Objects that fall from a great height can hit a person on the ground at great force, causing serious injuries. Our firm investigates to find evidence of negligence.

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    Equipment accidents

    Construction work involves the use of many different types of equipment. These include hammer drills, table saws, power shovels, nail guns, bulldozers, dump trucks, forklifts, compressors and other machinery. An accident involving any piece of equipment can cause serious injuries to workers. Following proper safety procedures and using the proper safety equipment at all times is crucial. We hold negligent parties responsible, whether it is contractors who cut corners or the manufacturers of defective equipment.

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    Scaffolding collapses

    Construction work high off the ground often involves the use of scaffolding. There are safety procedures that must be followed with scaffolding - with putting it up, using it and taking it down. Failure to ensure these procedures are followed can result in the collapse of scaffolding, sending workers falling to the ground below. Serious injuries can result, such as broken bones, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injury. We hold negligent parties responsible.

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