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Throughout his legal career, Al Lasso has been on the side of people just like you. People who were injured due to another's negligence and only want what's fair. The process for recovering compensation after an injury can be confusing and frustrating. Lasso Injury Law LLC is dedicated to helping you navigate that process to recover the financial compensation you deserve.

As a young man, Al saw how insurance companies treated his brother after an accident that left him permanently disabled. Al then decided to go to law school to help others fight back against greedy insurance companies that try to take advantage of people in need. It's what he still does today.

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    We offer the personal representation of a small firm. But we have the resources of a larger firm. That allows us to fight for you against large insurance companies and corporate lawyers. When possible, Al will negotiate a settlement if it meets your needs. But he has also won significant awards for clients at trial. Call us at 702-625-8777 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you.

    In Their Own Words

    “Being in a car accident is frustrating enough without having to worry about medical bills, getting your car fixed or time off of work. Lasso Law ( Al and Christine) took care of everything professionally and quickly even during a pandemic when everything was slowed down.

    I got my car fixed and a rental car right away at no cost to me. All of my injuries were treated immediately and again at no cost to me.

    Thank you Al and Christine for such great service from an attorneys office.”


    “I suffered injuries stemming from a car crash in 2017. I hadn't been through anything like it before, and didn't know where to turn for help. My injuries were serious. I ended up reaching out to Mr. Lasso for help, not knowing what to expect. I quickly realized I made a wise decision. Al was a total pro from day 1 and guided me through the entire process - a process which lasted nearly five years. I immediately trusted him, and you will, too.“

    – M.M.

    “Al and his team was amazing during my girlfriends accident recovery. Al was polite and informative plus always kept us updated on status of her claim. When we first met he told me "I as your attorney will make sure you are fairly compensated and I won't ever take more money than you receive". When it was all said and done we received a great settlement and I even got a discount on my medical bills due to Al! Thank you.”

    – O.P.

    “Al and his team are absolutely amazing! I had 2 separate accidents (not at fault) in my 5 years in Vegas that resulted in multiple injuries and surgeries- and Al was able to get myself and the other passengers the max payout for both, allowing us to heal and not frett about the $$$ owed for these injuries. He was professional, punctual, and worked with us every step of the way. The network of doctors and support he has around him is also top notch! I would recommend immediately reaching out to Al Lasso and his team immediately if you find yourself in a similar situation! Thanks Al!!!”

    – J.R.

    “Seriously I have to give it up to Al & Christine. Day in & day out they worked around the clock to make sure my case was handled properly. They performed beyond my expectations & God forbid I'm ever injured again but if it happens, I'm calling Al!

    – G.P.

    “RELIEF. This is what you will feel after your first consultation with Al.

    I have known Al and his family for over fifteen years through our kids. I was hesitant to ask him to represent me when I was in my accident because I don’t like mixing family friends/acquaintances with business; however, I went with my gut and everything worked out better than I expected. In actuality I should have known what to expect because of Al’s family ethics. Al and his team demonstrate professionalism at all times and I can personally attest to his honesty and loyalty to his clients. I do not hesitate to recommend Al to anyone looking for someone they can trust. I have sent co-workers and family members to him knowing they will be taken care of and have heard nothing but positive feedback after my referrals. He will be honest with you whether it’s what you want to hear or not (which is how every attorney should represent themselves).

    He absolutely knows his stuff and I cannot thank him enough for his services.


    – N.L.

    “Attorney Lasso is by far the BEST and MOST knowledgeable counsel I have ever retained. He totally changed the distress and ‘common’ fixed stereotype that I had experienced with other lawyers having no morals. He is also one of the few who actually will call you back. Working with him and Christine was so easy and didn't involve much of my time. Closing was itemized precisely without questions nor hesitations. I couldn't believe it. Lastly, I must add that I received the ‘Lasso’ wine holder too..lol.”

    – A.A.

    “My experience with Al and Christine was unique. It started in July of 2017. After visiting a hotel I got very ill and found out later that the hotel had a problem. I contacted Al after seeing him on CNN. He and Christine jumped right in – kept me informed on each step taken. Was quick to respond to my inquiries. Al was persistent and I/we had a happy ending. After this experience if anyone ever needs an Attorney there is only one choice and one call that should be made. If you do this you will never look back at your decision. Besides all of this you’ll find that Al Lasso is an excellent person as well.”

    – R.A.

    "The Respect that Lasso Injury Law LLC has for their clients is beyond wonderful. Al makes sure that you understand everything that is going on with "Your Case". Going to court can be a little Intimidating when it is your first time, However having Al in your corner making sure that he can do everything to get you only the best make the whole process just that much better. Al has really good communication skills, I never once felt left out of "My Case" while working With Al. The Staff are very polite and welcoming. I definitely Recommend Lasso Injury Law."


    "Mr. Lasso and his team were very helpful and knowledgeable during our case. Christine was always willing to take our calls no matter how busy she was and answered any questions or concerns we may have had. I would refer Mr. Lasso to anyone of my friends or family members. Thank you so much!"


    "Absolutely wonderful! Both Al and Christine are great. They were very accommodating when it came to working with me and my case. Very professional, but empathetic and so very helpful. I would and do recommend them every chance I get!"


    “Al and his team was amazing during my girlfriends accident recovery. Al was polite and informative plus always kept us updated on status of her claim. When we first met he told me "I as your attorney will make sure you are fairly compensated and I won't ever take more money than you receive". When it was all said and done we received a great settlement and I even got a discount on my medical bills due to Al! Thank you :)”

    - O.P.

    “Al and his assistant Christine were so awesome and very friendly. He kept me up to date constantly on my case and fought hard. I received way more money than I thought and a lot sooner as well. If I ever need a lawyer again down the road I won’t use anyone else.” 

    - E.W.

    "When I stepped into Al Lasso's office, I knew immediately he would represent me. He is caring, courteous and professional and I knew he had my best interest at heart. His team works hard to ensure that all your expectations are met and is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your case. At the end of the process I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Thank you."

    -  M.C.

    “I work with many attorneys from around the country, and Al Lasso has separated himself from the pack with his preparation, attention to detail, and his relentless pursuit of justice for his clients.”

    - Sean Claggett, Esq.

    "The legal process is so confusing and I stress over everything,  however, Lasso Injury Law made me feel very comfortable, as I could call them anytime with questions or concerns. Christine and Mr. Lasso addressed all my injury problems very quickly and were complete professionals throughout the process.  I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any one injured because of someone else’s negligence."

    - Brittany S.

    "I was not expecting to recover as much money as I did.  I am ecstatic that we received such great service including the attorney and doctors coming to my home to help me when I could not ambulate. Al Lasso and the staff of Lasso Injury Law did an outstanding job and we would definitely recommend them to anyone injured in a car crash." 

    - B.G.

    "I had never had an injury claim before and did not know how to deal with insurance companies.  Lasso Injury Law and staff did a very good job on my case and was very helpful in having it resolved in my favor. Christine the paralegal was excellent in giving us the information we needed along the way.  I highly recommend their law firm."

    - D.O.

    "Mr. Lasso and his staff were very professional and took my case when no one else would. I was injured in the elbow which caused me great pain and because it was not a car crash, no attorneys would take the case. Lasso Injury Law tracked down the responsible party and we were able to come to a most favorable settlement. I would recommend Lasso Injury Law because of not only their strong knowledge of the law but also their personal service. You are not a number at Lasso Injury Law, they truly care about you."

    - S.L.

    "Before I found Mr. Lasso, the Insurance Company offered me $3,500.00 to settle my car accident case.  I am so glad I did not take their offer as I had significant injures that had not been discovered so soon after the accident.  Mr. Lasso was able to help me navigate through the insurance company's roadblocks and get me the help I needed.  In the end, he settled my case for over $700,000.00.  I don't know what I would have done without him."

    - M.R.

    "To those considering using Al Lasso for their injury case please considering the following: Al Lasso has exceptionally broad knowledge and experience with Nevada no-fault insurance law, and he's a great guy who is dedicated to helping people.  He is focused, determined and dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients.  When interacting or working with him, the timeliness of his responses is unparalleled.  Excellent choice."

    - Dave & Donna M.

    "While others did not see merit in our case, Lasso Injury Law believed in us and sought justice on our behalf. Through hard work and keen investigation justice was delivered in the form of a record setting jury verdict. Easy cases settle and difficult ones change industry standards and make defendants wonder why they did not settle. Thank you Lasso for your support and treating us like we were family. "

    - KH & SH

    "I was in an accident and was injured, I had no idea where to start or who to call. I had called a couple of different injury lawyers and Lasso Injury Law was the best one I liked. Their customer service and knowledge is what made me choose them. They care about their clients and their injuries. I was never given the run around when I had questions regarding my claim. I am very pleased with Lasso Injury Law, I would recommend them to my family and friends."

    - L.G.

    "Al kept fighting for me, even when the other side tried to offer a fraction of the value of my case. We went to trial and the jury awarded me much more than what the defendants originally tried to settle for. His professionalism, personal attention and persistence, in doing the right thing for his clients, is why I continue to refer Attorney Al Lasso to my friends and family."

    - Chris T.

    "Al Lasso always made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. He is an awesome attorney who helped me and my family receive a quick fantastic result. I would recommend Al Lasso and his firm for anyone who is looking for the same experience."

    - Orlando A.

    "Can't thank you enough, you never know when disaster might happen and it's great to know that you have good people like Lasso Injury Law in your corner."

    - Shane F.
    (client was injured in a rental home when defective cabinets fell on him)

    "We cannot thank Al and his staff enough for helping our family get through a difficult time. Mr. Lasso handled our case professionally and with personal attention. Lasso Injury Law got us results well beyond our expectations. They are very knowledgeable in their trade, and we would highly recommend using Lasso Injury Law for all your personal injury needs."

    - Brian & Kerry

    "Integrity, accountability, personal service, attention to detail, and the willingness to go the extra mile for me without fail... each of these attributes are embodied by the professionals at Lasso Injury Law, and are the reason I call Al Lasso and his dedicated team my attorneys today. In one instance alone, Mr. Lasso's prompt actions in handling certain of my affairs lead to a savings of over $500,000.00. I have no reservations whatsoever in recommending my attorney, Al Lasso, to any individual in need of legal assistance in the Vegas Valley."

    - S.S.

    "Mr. Lasso was knowledgeable and helpful and seemed very experienced. He did everything for me on time and as needed. I received a fantastic result and could not have been happier with his services. He was always available to me whenever I called."

    - Mark

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