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Compassionate and Aggressive Representation in the most Challenging Cases 

We offer compassionate and aggressive representation in the most challenging cases including those that involve pool-drowning injuries. If you are grieving the wrongful death of a loved one or trying to help your family member recover after a pool accident, contact Las Vegas Attorney Al Lasso for representation. Pool accident lawsuits can be legally, medically and emotionally challenging. 

• Our legal team knows how to investigate these cases to determine liability.
• We call on the right medical experts to identify the exact cause of injuries.
• We help injured people in Nevada with some of the most devastating injuries and challenges.
• We will listen to your challenges compassionately and fight for justice and maximum compensation on your behalf. 

Call for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer who will offer a candid and compassionate assessment of your case. If your situation has legal merit and someone has caused your family suffering, you will have a tenacious personal injury lawyer on your side. 

We will hold Negligent Pool Owners and Operators Responsible 

Whether the accident occurred at a Las Vegas casino and resort pool or water slide, an assisted living center pool, public facility, or community pool, people throughout Las Vegas suffer serious injuries each year in pool accidents. Since Las Vegas enjoys so many months of pool weather each year and there are tens of thousands of pools in the area, the likelihood of a drowning accident are much higher than in many other cities in the nation. Elderly people, teens, young adults...anyone can suffer a serious injury in a pool accident. Brain damage will likely be irreversible after such an accident. The causes may involve:

• A faulty pool gate
• An unsafe vacuum drain
• Over serving of alcohol at a resort
• Poor supervision of the pool or ineffective response to tragedy by staff
• Unclean pool that made the water cloudy and impossible to see a drowning victim 
Victims of near-drowning injuries may require significant medical treatment in the near and the long-term. If a child is the victim, this may mean several decades of nursing care and, perhaps, round the clock assistance. As your attorney, Al Lasso will pursue maximum compensation for your family so that you can obtain the finest medical attention and physical therapy available. Furthermore, your home and vehicles may need to be adapted for wheelchair accessibility and other needs. The pool operators should be held accountable for your suffering and be held responsible for these costs. 

While children are not the only people to suffer in pool accidents, the majority of serious injuries and deaths that occur in Las Vegas pool accidents are to toddlers. If such a tragedy has happened to your family, we are a law firm committed to pool accident litigation. 

If we represent you in a pool accident case, we will collect no attorney's fees unless we win.