Injuries to Children

Holding negligent parties accountable when children get hurt

It is difficult to see anyone get hurt, but it is especially troubling when children are injured. And it is even more upsetting when the injury is the result of negligence by a property owner. If your child was injured on someone else's property, you need a premises liability lawyer who is compassionate and has the experience needed to get results. That's what you'll find at Lasso Injury Law LLC.

A property owner - whether private or commercial - has a responsibility to keep the premises safe for children. This includes private home owners, restaurants, schools, amusement parks, day care centers, city parks and playgrounds. Examples of accidents involving children and premises liability include:

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    • A drowning or near-drowning incident, or a slip and fall at a pool or water park
    • A bounce house accident
    • Accidents involving playground equipment
    • A malfunctioning amusement park ride
    • A bicycle accident
    • Dog bites

    Attorney Al Lasso knows cases involving injuries to children can be difficult legally and emotionally. He helps parents navigate the legal process to help them get the financial compensation their child needs to recover from an injury.

    Fighting for you

    Our legal team will investigate your child's accident to determine who was responsible. For example, an employee at a water park may have been poorly trained. Or a daycare provider might not have maintained a safe environment for children. Perhaps a swing set had a manufacturer defect. There may have been multiple parties who contributed to an unsafe environment for your child. Al will find out what went wrong.

    He will also determine the total impact your child's injury has had on your family. There are current and future medical expenses for your child's care. You may have had to adapt your home or vehicle because of your child's injury. Then there is the pain and suffering your child had to endure. These are all real damages inflicted on your family.

    The insurance company is supposed to help cover the costs of these damages, but they prefer to help their own bottom line. Al builds a strong case and fights to get them to the negotiating table. He is often able to work out a settlement that meets your family's needs. But he is also a skilled litigator who has won major awards for clients in court.

    If your child was injured, contact a compassionate and experienced attorney. Call Lasso Injury Law LLC at 702-625-8777 to schedule a free consultation.

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