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Las Vegas Attorney Al Lasso Pursues Justice and Compensation for You

If you have been hit by a car, truck or other vehicle while you were a pedestrian in Las Vegas, contact a lawyer who is compassionate about your plight and aggressive in his tactics. Getting you maximum compensation is crucial in such cases because your injuries may be life-altering. In too many cases, the responsible driver may flee the scene of such a crash or they may have been intoxicated at the time of the collision. They may claim it was your fault. No matter the details of your case, we are prepared to fight for justice and compensation for you.

We accept cases on contingency. This means that we collect no fees and you pay nothing unless we win your case. When you call Lasso Injury Law, you will speak directly with Attorney Al Lasso and have the benefit of his vast legal experience on your side.

Las Vegas Pedestrian Injury Accidents are far too Common

Because the streets of Las Vegas are often congested with pedestrians and traversed by high-speed traffic, the risks of being involved in an injury accident are high. When alcohol and out-of-state drivers who may be lost of unfamiliar with the city's roads are included, the risk to pedestrians becomes even more pronounced. Getting struck by a car on the Las Vegas strip or somewhere else in town is, unfortunately, a grim but very real possibility.

If you have been injured in such an accident, you need an experienced lawyer who is unafraid to take your case to trial but who is also shrewd enough to negotiate a fair settlement for you. We will pursue whichever path helps you obtain the financial support you need. Also, because of his past legal experience, Mr. Lasso will be able to provide answers to your most pressing questions as you seek peace of mind in this challenging part of your life

  • What is the likelihood of winning my pedestrian accident case?
  • How much compensation is justified for my injuries?
  • Which laws may have been violated by the driver who hit me?
  • If a mass transit vehicle or taxi is responsible for my injuries, will my lawsuit be more difficult?
  • Does it matter if I was hit in the crosswalk or outside the crosswalk?
  • What if I am paralyzed or permanently disabled as a result of my accident?
  • Is there a ceiling on how much I can recover financially?

We have answers to all of your questions and we have the experience to analyze your circumstances quickly. Additionally, we have the resources and the diligence to provide legal guidance through the entire process.