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Bus Accident Lawsuits can be Extremely Complex: Attorney Al Lasso is Prepared

Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Al Lasso is particularly prepared for the complexities of Nevada bus accident lawsuits. These accidents often involve multiple liable parties:

  • Private companies as well as municipal, county, state and even federal authorities may have contributed to conditions that caused the crash
  • A bus manufacturer may have produced a bus with defective parts
  • The bus operator, a bus mechanic or other individual may not have been properly trained or vetted to do their job effectively
  • Another driver on the road may have contributed to the cause of the crash

While an individual driver may have some responsibility in a crash, a large corporation may have failed at the administrative level to prioritize safety of passengers and other people on the road. Drivers and passengers in other cars, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycle riders are all at grave risk if a bus is not operated at the highest standards. If you need justice and compensation after a Nevada bus crash, contact Lasso Injury Law for a Las Vegas firm that has the resources to investigate and litigate these complex cases.

There are few Minor Bus Crashes: Your Injuries may be Serious

There are few minor bus crashes. Your injuries may be serious and you may need the maximum possible amount of compensation. Broken bones, lacerations, traumatic brain injury, paralysis: a bus crash can lead to catastrophic injuries. Your attorney will be able to identify all liable parties and seek to hold them all accountable for your injuries and your family's suffering. To find all sources of compensation after a mass transit accident, you need a lawyer who can uncover the truth about the accident and use the evidence to your advantage.

Finding the evidence, analyzing it and presenting it effectively must be trusted to an experienced lawyer who is prepared for complex negotiations and, potentially, a hard-fought trial. Al Lasso is an experienced and successful negotiator and a veteran of the courtroom.

What Makes a Bus Crash Lawsuit so Complex?

The bus manufacturer is, likely, located outside of Nevada. Many of the bus parts may come from multiple companies in other states or even other countries. A bus maintenance company may be a private contractor from out-of-state that was hired by a local government. The bus operation company may also be based in another state and have a massive insurance company and its corporate lawyers protecting their bottom line. Road conditions, other drivers, a dangerous passenger and other parties may have contributed to the crash. Collecting pertinent records, analyzing the crash scene and evaluating physical evidence: these all require skilled legal professionals and specialists. Call Attorney Al Lasso for the resources and experience needed for these types of cases.