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A Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer to sue Casinos, Bars and Nightclubs with Inadequate Security 

You need a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who is prepared to sue casinos, bars and nightclubs if you have been injured while on their property. Similar to a slip-and-fall accident or other premises liability case, business owners have a responsibility to make sure that their guests are safe. If they fail in this responsibility, they must be held accountable. Call Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Al Lasso if you are considering a lawsuit against a casino, bar, nightclub, concert venue, hotel or other business for injuries suffered on their property. We offer free consultations about all personal injuries including those related to inadequate security and premises liability: 702-625-8777. If a bouncer, security guard or other employee caused you physical harm or if you were not adequately protected from injury, call an aggressive and experienced attorney now. If we take your case, you will owe us nothing unless we win. 

What is Inadequate Security?

Property owners, managers of businesses and corporations that operate commercial establishments have a legal responsibility to provide customers and guests with a safe environment. Whether at a casino, hotel, restaurant, grocery store, bar, or nightclub, guests should be safe. If you have suffered an injury on someone else's property, you may be the victim of negligent security. These cases are similar to premises liability cases in which the property owner or managers' actions lead to injury. Recovering compensation from the owners must be trusted to an attorney and legal team with the extensive resources necessary. Our attorneys will protect your legal rights and aggressively pursue those who contributed to your injuries. Our goal will be to negotiate a favorable settlement but we will not hesitate to take an opponent to trial if they not provide adequate compensation.

Many businesses can be liable for not providing adequate safety and security: a shopping mall parking lot may not be adequately secured, and assaults or thefts may occur. A customer at a Las Vegas bar may be harassed or threatened and security personnel may not respond adequately. In some cases, the bouncers themselves may inflict injuries on patrons. Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Al Lasso has years of experience in the most complex areas of the law and is prepared to help you.

If you are seeking a Las Vegas personal injury attorney for a negligent security lawsuit, call 702-625-8777. You may be entitled to significant compensation for your injuries and suffering.