Wet and Cluttered Floors

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Many slip-and-fall accidents are caused by wet and cluttered floors in casinos, hotels, stores, restaurants and other properties. These accidents can cause serious injuries that have a significant impact on your life. Lasso Injury Law LLC holds negligent property owners accountable and helps you recover the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

All property owners are responsible for keeping their floors clean and free from hazards. People can easily slip on floors that are wet. And floors that have clutter on them increase the risk of tripping. Both can lead to falls that injure people and leave them with huge medical bills. They may also lose income if their injuries leave them unable to work. Slip-and-fall attorney Al Lasso fights for their rights.

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    Floors can become wet and slippery many different ways. Merchandise can fall from a shelf, breaking and leaving liquid on the floor. Someone can spill coffee. An employee can put water on plants that drips down to the floor. A person can track water in from their shoes on a rainy day. Or the floor may be wet after being mopped, waxed or polished.

    There are also different ways that clutter can make its way to a floor. It can fall from decorative displays. Employees may temporarily leave merchandise or equipment on the floor while stocking shelves. Customers or employees may drop objects on the floor that aren't cleaned up. Or products can fall off of poorly stacked displays or shelves.

    Taking on the insurance companies

    Our legal team investigates your accident to find out what happened and who was responsible. For example, a store may have failed to properly clean the floor or post warnings about potential hazards. Al knows where to look for evidence of negligence and how to build the strongest case possible.

    Al also knows that insurance companies will do anything they can to avoid paying you for your injuries. He takes an aggressive approach with your claim and won't back down. Insurance companies often eventually agree to sit down with Al and negotiate a settlement that meets your needs. But if they don't, Al won't hesitate to take them to trial and fight for a sizable verdict award.

    If you were hurt after slipping and falling on a wet or cluttered floor, call us at 702-625-8777 to schedule a free consultation.

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