Safety advocates warn of crash risks as Nevada loosens COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions

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Life is almost getting back to normal in Nevada, following the devastating first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of May 26, the state had entered Phase 2 of reopening. That means many restaurants, public services and social gatherings were allowed to continue under certain restrictions. As of June 4th, casinos were allowed to reopen, as well.

While this sounds like good news, the Governors Highway Safety Association urges drivers to use caution when traveling. In May 2020, we discussed how less traffic due to COVID-19 was encouraging many drivers to travel at dangerous speeds. While things aren't completely back to normal, this may still be a problem, even as more people begin to travel regularly again.

Driving concerns raised by safety advocates

There are two safety concerns raised by the GHSA as we transition out of the first wave of COVID-19. These include:

  • Drunk driving. There is a big potential for drunk driving to increase as more people start to go to bars, restaurants and casinos. In addition, the 4th of July is only weeks away. ValuePenguin has ranked Independence Day as the most dangerous holiday for drunk driving with a DUI fatality rate of 42.4 per day.
  • Traffic congestion. The GHSA warns that as more people shy away from mass transportation and rideshares to avoid the spread of COVID-19, roads will become more congested. According to recent IBM Institute for Business Value research, one-quarter of survey participants will rely on their personal vehicles for transportation. Many others will get around by bicycle or on foot.

How can car accidents be avoided during this transition?

There are many people who were out of work, worked from home and refrained from traveling. Those who haven't traveled much over the last few months should consider brushing up on their driving skills. They should also use keen judgment. GHSA Executive Director Jonathan Adkins explains why.

“Many of us may be a little rusty behind the wheel, so it’s critical that drivers give the road and everyone on it their complete attention. Safety doesn’t take a holiday. Remember to buckle up, drive sober, stow your cell phone, and watch your speed. We have lost too many of our friends and neighbors, and we do not want to lose any more to traffic crashes,” said Adkins.

Drivers are also urged to comply with the posted speed limits. They should also stay attentive, stay sober and show courtesy for others on the road.

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