Have Nevada's roads become more dangerous due to COVID-19?

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Traffic congestion has been reduced significantly on Nevada roads due to a statewide COVID-19 shutdown, which could be extended until June. Many businesses and attractions are closed, resulting in most residents of Las Vegas staying home and traveling only for essential purposes.

Not everyone stays home on a daily basis, however. Many people still have to get to work, their doctor's appointments and to the grocery store. With fewer cars on the road, you would think that the risk of a serious crash would lessen significantly.

Unfortunately, the decline in traffic congestion has given rise to two dangers that threaten public safety: speeding and drunk driving.

Speeding increases with less traffic congestion

There are many drivers in Las Vegas who have a natural inclination to exceed the speed limit. The only thing stopping them is traffic congestion. Now, with traffic congestion out of the way, many drivers embrace the opportunity to travel at unsafe speeds.

Many drivers are also under the impression that law enforcement officers have bigger fish to fry than to watch out for speeders. Some find out the hard way that police are still out enforcing the traffic laws.

According to a report by the Governors Highway Safety Association, the number of crashes has declined amid the COVID-19 shutdown. Speeding has increased, however. Law enforcement officers across the U.S. have caught drivers traveling at speeds of 100 mph and higher. In Nevada, pedestrian fatalities caused by speeding have increased.

Drunk driving rises in Las Vegas amid COVID-19

According to News 3, the statewide shutdown hasn't stopped some drivers from getting behind the wheel after having too much to drink. By late April, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's DUI strike team arrested more than 150 DUI offenders.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department issue a warning in a YouTube video encouraging drivers to comply with the statewide stay-at-home orders, and especially stay off the road after consuming alcohol.

"If you choose to consume alcohol and/or marijuana, leave your keys at home. Change starts with you. Police yourself. Don't drink and drive," said one officer in the video.

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