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Product Liability

Las Vegas Attorneys for Defective Products and Manufacturer Errors

If you have been injured in Las Vegas due to a defective product or dangerous consumer item, you deserve justice. Call the Las Vegas product liability lawyers at Lasso Injury Law. Corporations in the United States and outside of the country often cut corners to maximize profit. Their attempts to maximize profit often place profit over safety. Lasso Injury Law can hold these corporations accountable by demanding they compensate their victims.

For defective products liability cases in Las Vegas, call 702-626-8777 to discuss your challenges in a free and confidential consultation with Las Vegas Product Liability Lawyer Al Lasso.

You or a loved one may have been physically injured by a defective product or you may have suffered a financial loss as a result of false advertising, misleading product claims or a product recall that has made the value of your home, vehicle or other asset lose significant value. The law is on the side of consumers in such cases. The product liability lawyers of Lasso Injury Law are also on your side.

Large Corporations Should Pay for their Dangerous Behavior

Some large corporations use building materials that are toxic. Others make products that are far below safety standards in a wide variety of ways. Some large corporations even cover up their misdeeds and greed long after consumers have been injured by their defective products. Some recent cases involving product liability involve:

  • Air bag manufacturers
  • Automotive corporations
  • Building material companies
  • Children's toy, crib and car seat manufacturers
  • Home appliance companies
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical companies

Unless these companies are held accountable, are forced to pay compensation to victims and change their behavior, they will continue to produce unsafe products. By taking action and filing suit against a corporation that produces defective products, we may be able to obtain compensation on your behalf but we may also be able to ensure that no one else has to endure the injuries you and your family have suffered. The manufacturers, importers, distributors, advertisers and retailers may all have at least partial liability for your injuries. They should all be held accountable. By holding all responsible parties liable for your injuries, we may help make other consumers safer and maximize the amount of compensation you receive.