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Motorcycle accident lawyer las vegas

Rarely is a Motorcycle Crash Minor

Car, truck and bus drivers must be particularly vigilante when they are driving because of the presence of motorcyclists. When a crash occurs involving a motorcycle, the accident is rarely minor. There is no excuse for reckless or irresponsible driving no matter the situation but motorcycle riders are so vulnerable that other drivers must be especially dedicated to safety when a bike is nearby. As cautious as a rider may be, it only takes a bit of distraction for a car or truck driver to make an unwise turn or lane change, causing catastrophic injuries. Attorney Al Lasso knows how to pursue maximum compensation for you if you have been injured while riding your bike in or around Las Vegas.

  • You must obtain maximum compensation for you injuries because you may require long-term medical attention as the result of
  • Amputation from damage to your limbs
  • Paralysis
  • Skin grafts as the result of road rash and burns
  • Traumatic brain injury

The possibility for extremely serious injury is very high in such accidents. This means that the need for compensation may be particularly serious and the cost of treatment will be substantial. In such cases, a tireless and aggressive advocate is necessary to hold responsible parties accountable.

The Compensation we will Pursue for Motorcycle Crash Victims

Even if your were wearing a helmet, your injuries may be life-threatening. Or, you may have a loved-one who lost their fight for life after a motorcycle crash. Victims of serious injuries do not have to fight for justice on their own. Our legal team will study every facet of your case and seek justice and compensation from any individual or organization that may have contributed to your injuries. The helmet or bike manufacturer may be liable for producing a defective product. The city may not have maintained safe roads. A construction company may have not indicated that an unsafe construction zone was present. The driver who caused your injuries, of course, will be held accountable but there are many avenues of compensation.

Call us now to discuss the many options you have for getting the justice you deserve after a motorcycle collision in the Las Vegas area.

In many cases, your own insurance or the responsible parties' insurance coverage may not be enough to cover your expenses. You may need legal guidance to obtain what is fair. Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Las Vegas for help in obtaining what you need and deserve.