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If you are Grieving a Death, a Las Vegas Attorney is on your side

If you are grieving a death in Las Vegas and your loved one was killed because another individual or organization was reckless or negligent, we can help. Call our Las Vegas law firm for an attorney who is a compassionate ally and an aggressive advocate for justice and compensation for you and your family.

Your case may have already been turned down by another law firm. Or, you may not know if you have a case at all. In wrongful death cases, you must have experience on your side to get the compensation that you deserve. Whether in a car or motorcycle accident, construction zone catastrophe, or as the result of a product defect or resort or casino injury, wrongful death cases can be emotionally challenging for surviving friends and family. They are also, often, legally complex. We are prepared for such complexity.

We will protect your best interests and relentlessly pursue full compensation for you after a wrongful death in Las Vegas. No matter the complexity of your case, we are prepared to assist you and answer your questions:

  • We provide free initial consultations to provide you with a candid assessment of your situation.
  • We accept cases on a contingency basis: if we do not win, we collect nothing.
  • We have relationships with leading accident scene investigators, engineers and other experts to find the truth about why your loved-one had their life ended prematurely.
  • We are skilled at pursuing maximum compensation from all responsible parties.
  • We offer personalized service and never treat our clients like simple numbers in a file.
  • Attorney Al Lasso is featured regularly on Las Vegas media for his legal insights. He is a trusted source because he has the ability to clearly communicate complex legal concepts for non-attorneys. He uses these same attributes while fighting for his clients' rights.
  • By simply consulting with our experienced wrongful death attorney, you will have answers to many of your questions and you will gain practical legal advice for the next steps you should take.

    Pursuing Survivor Benefits in a Nevada Wrongful Death Claim

    Children, a spouse, parents or siblings may all need answers to why they are forced to grieve. Many times an insurance company will not be forthcoming with the information that a family most needs for closure. Additionally, an insurance company may be reticent to pay on legitimate claims because the wrongful death benefits may be substantial. If a driver, a machine operator, manufacturer or any other entity contributed to an unsafe environment for your family member, an insurance company may do all that they can to deny their client's culpability. We know how to fight back.

    If you have questions about pursuing justice and survivor benefits in a Nevada wrongful death claim, reach out to us. We have answers and we understand the anxiety you may be feeling. There is no substitute for having a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney on your side during difficult times.