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An Experienced Injury Attorney for Complex Lawsuits

You may be unable to get straight answers from an insurance company after a Las Vegas tractor trailer accident. The responsible party may be unresponsive to your requests for information. Often times, a trucking company has headquarters in another state and their lawyers may be challenging your right to compensation. You may also be struggling with catastrophic injuries suffered during the crash. Call on a Las Vegas injury attorney who understands your struggles and knows how to fight for your well-deserved compensation.

As 18-wheelers travel across Nevada to other states or directly to and from Las Vegas, they carry with them huge loads that make them extremely dangerous. In addition to the cargo they carry, they also carry the risk of hurting or killing other people on the road. Though most truckers are extremely professional and make safety a priority, it only takes one negligent or reckless big-rig driver to cause horrific damage. Some of the negligent behavior may include

  • Driving while distracted
  • Not securing the truck load effectively
  • Pushing too hard to reach a location and falling asleep at the wheel
  • Speeding or otherwise violating rules of the road
  • Using drugs or alcohol while behind the wheel

A driver of such a large vehicle must be held to very high standards. When they fail to live up to these standards, you need a personal injury lawyer who knows how to hold them, their parent company and all other responsible parties liable for damages.

An Individual Truck Driver may not be Solely Responsible

A commercial trucking company or a public entity that relies on semis to transport equipment must hold their drivers to the highest-professional standards. They must perform appropriate background checks and they must ensure that safety is the driver's priority. If they fail in their duty, they may owe you compensation for injuries suffered during a tractor trailer collision.

From the moment you call our Las Vegas personal injury law firm for a free case evaluation, we will listen to your concerns and offer you compassionate counsel. We will also begin to immediately collect the details of your case and offer you a candid assessment of its legal merits. If a trucking company, a vehicle manufacturer, another vehicle operator or any other party bears any responsibility for your injuries, lost wages and pain and suffering, we will pursue all sources of compensation to get you the financial support and justice you deserve. We have the resources to perform a thorough investigation and we have the skill to present evidence in the most favorable light.