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Hit-and-Run Accidents can Result in Catastrophic Injury or Death

If you or a family member have been struck by a car on a Las Vegas street, you need an aggressive attorney who knows how to handle the legal complexities of such cases. But you especially need a skilled car accident attorney who knows how to pursue maximum compensation for you if the driver who struck you fled the scene or had no insurance. If you have been involved in a hit-and-run accident, call Las Vegas Attorney Al Lasso. With decades of experience in Las Vegas courtrooms and with a sterling reputation for obtaining favorable settlements for his clients, he has the resources and the skills you need on your side.

Hit-and-run accidents can involve a wide variety of scenarios but regardless of the details involved, they often include additional complexities compared to other car crashes in Las Vegas. Some hit-and-run scenarios involve:

  • Drivers who may be intoxicated, cause an accident and flee the scene to avoid an arrest
  • Non-citizens who cause a crash and flee because they fear deportation
  • Drivers who maim or kill motorcyclists, pedestrians or bicyclists and do not want to face justice

There are many reasons why a driver may flee a crash and, whether they carry insurance or not, if they do not stop, their insurance goes with them. In such cases, the victim's own insurance company may become an adversary. Attorney Al Lasso and his team of investigators know how to put pressure on insurance companies that refuse to honor their obligations.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage in Nevada Should Cover your Costs after a Hit-and-Run

Uninsured motorist coverage in Nevada should cover your costs after a hit-and-run, but your insurance company may become combative and not offer a fair settlement of your claim. This may be especially true if the injuries sustained are life altering: paralysis, disfigurement, amputation, traumatic brain injury and others. The associated costs with these conditions can be in the millions of dollars. If a driver who caused your injuries left the scene and is never found or if they had no insurance, your own insurance company may resist paying a fair amount to you. They may even be guilty of insurance bad faith which is illegal. You need an attorney who can fight on your behalf.

In cases of catastrophic injury, seeking maximum compensation from all responsible parties is particularly crucial. Perhaps a street was not well lit and the city should be held partially liable. Perhaps your bicycle helmet had a manufacturer defect that made your injury worse. There are many ways that your compensation can be obtained but they all require a skilled attorney.

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