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Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Las Vegas Bike Accident Lawyer for Maximum Compensation

Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyers all know that injuries from bike crashes can be particularly serious. A bicycle accident lawyer, however, must have particular skills and experience in order to get maximum compensation for head injuries, burns, broken bones, paralysis and other catastrophic injuries that are often the result of bicycle accidents in Las Vegas. Bicycle Accident Lawyer Al Lasso and his staff have the resources and experience to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf if you or a loved one has been involved in a Las Vegas bike accident.

Whatever the cause of your bicycle crash injuries, we will pursue maximum compensation for you:

  • Bicycle component failure
  • Bike safety-equipment defect
  • Irresponsible vehicle operators
  • Road construction crews who created hazardous conditions
  • Private or public property owners who did not prioritize safety

Liability may be divided among multiple parties. To seek the compensation from all parties who contributed to your injuries, call Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Lawyer Al Lasso for a free consultation: 702-625-8777.

After a Bicycle Accident, We Fight for you

Because bicycle accidents in Las Vegas can often lead to such serious injuries and you and your family may need significant financial compensation, insurance companies may be extremely hesitant to offer a fair amount for medical bills, lost wages, adjustments to lifestyle and pain and suffering. Insurance companies, property owners, municipal government agencies and other parties who may have contributed to your injuries may have aggressive lawyers who will fight you every step of the way. We will fight back and protect your best interests.

At Lasso Injury Law, we are Las Vegas personal injury lawyers who know when to be aggressive and when to be shrewd. We know the law, we know the right experts to call upon and we know how to help you fight for what you deserve. No matter how big or well-funded the opponent, our Las Vegas bicycle accident lawyers have the resources and experience to fight for you.

A public bike path may have been poorly maintained. A homeowner's dog may have escaped their yard and caused you to crash. A drunk driver may have swerved into your path. A taxi may have made an illegal turn in front of you. Your bicycle may be defective. No matter the situation, call Las Vegas Bicycle Accident Lawyer Al Lasso for a free and candid consultation about the strengths of your bicycle injury case. Whether through a settlement or at trial, we will fight for you.