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Las Vegas Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

Traumatic Brain Injuries Require Substantial Compensation

Las Vegas Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Al Lasso has the experience, the resources and the legal skill you need on your side if you or a family member has suffered a traumatic brain injury. Since a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can lead to such serious medical complications, your family may need substantial compensation to pay for necessary short and long-term medical care. Though all TBIs are unique, traumatic brain injuries often lead to the need for

  • adaptations to homes and vehicles so they are wheelchair accessible
  • multiple surgeries
  • medications to treat pain, personality changes and cognitive disorders
  • physical and occupational therapy
  • round-the-clock nursing or rehabilitative care
  • substantial compensation for pain, suffering and impact on career aspirations

The above represent only a few of the many challenges and expenses that may become a part of your life after a TBI. If an organization or an individual created conditions that lead to a brain injury for you or a family member, they should be held accountable. Las Vegas Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Al Lasso and his team of investigators will identify all sources of liability and pursue justice and maximum compensation on your behalf. If we accept your case, you will owe us nothing unless we win.

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No Matter how the Brain Injury Occurred, we may be Able to Help

Brain injuries can occur in a wide variety of scenarios and some TBIs can leave obvious signs of trauma. But TBIs can also be hard to diagnose especially if the injury was a closed-head injury. This may have lead to the brain being shaken, bruised or disturbed in some way that does not show obvious signs. Migraine headaches, memory difficulties, sensory complications, depression and a host of other challenges may emerge from TBI but may be difficult to diagnose or treat. Since the brain is such a complex organ, you must receive world-class neurological attention and diagnosis from a highly-qualified doctor. At Lasso Injury Law, we have access to such medical experts who will offer you a thorough independent diagnosis of your injuries.

No matter how the TBI occurred, Las Vegas Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Al Lasso will offer you a free legal analysis of your case to determine the strengths of your potential lawsuit resulting from a Las Vegas traumatic brain injury. Whether your injuries are the result of a bicycle crash, car accident, motorcycle collision, slip-and-fall or any other trauma, we will be candid about the chances of success with your lawsuit. Call Las Vegas Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Al Lasso as soon as possible so he can begin assisting you in the pursuit of justice and compensation.