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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys for Trip and Falls on Government Property

After a public property trip and fall, Las Vegas Attorney Al Lasso is on your side. You may have been injured in Las Vegas on public property or you may have been injured while on one of the many state or county maintained lands outside the city. You need aggressive and skilled legal representation. Las Vegas personal injury attorneys for trip and falls on government property must have refined skills and vast resources.

While many trip and fall accidents and premises liability injuries occur on private property such as at restaurants, shopping malls, grocery stores, gas stations, casinos and retail establishments throughout Las Vegas, you may have also suffered a trip and fall at a municipal park, on state managed property, at a school or university or other government property that is maintained or managed by a government agency. If this is the case and you need a lawyer to fight for compensation on your behalf after a trip and fall on public property, call Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Al Lasso at 702-625-8777.

Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers for Municipal Park Injuries, School Injuries and Sidewalk Falls?

No matter how you or a loved one has been injured, Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Al Lasso has the resources and experience to help you pursue justice and compensation for injuries, medical expenses, lost wages and other costs. Las Vegas personal injury lawyers for municipal park injuries, school injuries and sidewalk falls are essential when an injury has occurred on public property. These cases involve particular requirements for seeking justice. Though they are similar to private property premises liability cases, injuries on public property lawsuits need attorneys with particular skills and resources. Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Al Lasso has the skills and the resources for cases that involve:

  • A county or city bike lane that is not safe
  • City parks or county recreation areas with unsafe playground equipment
  • Trails that are not properly maintained in government wilderness areas
  • Publicly maintained roadways, parking lots or streets that contribute to unsafe conditions
  • Public schools, libraries, pools or any public space that is unsafe
  • Wet or poorly maintained public walkways or dangerous Las Vegas sidewalks

After you contact Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer Al Lasso, you will have a clear understanding of your legal options. If suing the government is possible, your attorney will use all of his resources and his significant experience for your benefit. Your initial consultation and case analysis are free and you will owe no attorney fees unless Al Lasso wins your case.

If you have been injured after a trip and fall on government maintained property, call Public Property Trip and Fall Attorney Al Lasso now for the assistance and peace of mind you deserve.