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Las Vegas Attorneys for Slip and Fall Injuries on Private Property

Injured at a Las Vegas Grocery Store, Gas Station, Restaurant or Casino?

Al Lasso is a Las Vegas attorney for slip and fall injuries on private property. If you were injured after a slip and fall in Las Vegas, you deserve justice and compensation. Whether your injury occurred at someone else's home, at a rental property or at a business, property owners and property management companies have an obligation to ensure your safety. If they fail in this responsibility, you should not have to suffer for their negligence.

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Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorney Al Lasso is prepared to answer any of your legal questions pertaining to your case including:

  • What are my chances of winning especially against a huge corporation?
  • Can I still sue even if I am partially at fault?
  • Will my case likely go to court or settle out-of-court?
  • Was the property I fell on public or private?
  • What is the statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit?

We collect no attorneys' fees and you owe us nothing if we do not win your case. As a result, we will be perfectly straightforward when you call to discuss your slip and fall injury on private property in Las Vegas. If we take your case, we believe we will win.

Insurance Companies May Aggressively Fight, but we Fight Back

Property owners, whether individuals or corporations, have insurance on their property. Insurance companies are typically the defendants in lawsuits involving private property slip and falls. At a private home, apartment complex, casino, grocery store or other private property, insurance companies are responsible for paying on legitimate injury claims. Questions of legitimacy are at the heart of such lawsuits.

Insurance companies may aggressively fight to show that your private property slip and fall claim lacks validity. They may argue that you were responsible for your injuries. They may argue that your injuries were not caused by their client's negligence. They may argue that your injuries were caused elsewhere. In some cases, they may even allege fraud. And even if they offer to pay on your claim, they may offer a lowball settlement that will not cover your losses.

Don't let the insurance company win. Fight back with the slip and fall attorneys of Lasso Injury Law on your side. We have the resources and the experience to aggressively stand up to insurance companies.