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Las Vegas Attorneys for Injured Children

An Aggressive Lawyer for Child Victims and their Families

If you are seeking Las Vegas attorneys for injured children, you may be in one of the most difficult situations you have ever faced. In such a situation, you need a legal ally who will dedicate extensive resources to your case and make pursuing maximum compensation for you and your family a priority. At Lasso Injury Law, we have the resources to identify all liable parties who may have contributed to your child's injuries in Las Vegas.

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If you are seeking justice and compensation after your child has been injured in Las Vegas, Attorney Al Lasso has a wealth of experience in the most challenging and emotionally sensitive cases. Call for answers and a free analysis of any child injury case including:

  • A bicycle or pedestrian accident involving a child
  • Car accidents causing injuries to children
  • Dog bite injuries
  • Drowning injuries at pools and water parks
  • Playground, park and school injuries
  • Resort, splash pad and amusement park injuries

In cases involving injured children, substantial compensation may be essential for you and your family. Your child may need significant short and long-term medical care. You may need to miss work and career opportunities to care for your child. You may have to make adaptations to your home, your vehicles and your life for your child's treatment. You should be compensated for these costs and your pain and suffering.

A Las Vegas Child Injury Attorney to Pursue Compensation from all Liable Parties

When you call Las Vegas Child Injury Attorney Al Lasso, you will get a thorough analysis of your case from an experienced personal injury lawyer. What are the merits of your case? What are the legal challenges? How long will the litigation process likely take? Have these and other important questions answered with an experienced Las Vegas lawyer on your side.

In some child injury cases, there may be multiple parties involved. A highly skilled and experienced attorney can identify all the liable parties and hold them responsible for your child's injuries. An employee at a water park may have been poorly trained. Maybe a daycare provider did not maintain a safe environment for children. Perhaps a swing set had a manufacturer defect. Depending on your situation, there may be multiple parties who contributed to an unsafe environment for your child. Call Las Vegas attorney for injured children Al Lasso for answers, insight and peace of mind that only an experienced lawyer can provide. He will identify all liable parties and seek justice from all of them to pursue the fair compensation you deserve. And if he doesn't win your case, you owe him nothing.