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Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer

A Law Firm that offers Aggressive Advocacy and Compassionate Counsel

Throughout his legal career, Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas Al Lasso has been on the side of people just like you. From Las Vegas locals who have been injured in car accidents to Las Vegas visitors who have suffered a slip-and-fall casino injury, our law firm stands on the side of the people. He has won numerous federal, state and local injury trial cases and he is prepared to win yours.

Lasso Injury Law fights large corporations and massive insurance companies who often resist doing what is right for our injured clients. When such organizations refuse to accept responsibility for their negligence, we challenge them. We offer aggressive advocacy and are unafraid to stand up to the most aggressive corporate lawyers or well-funded insurance company legal teams. At Lasso Injury Law, we

  • Have the resources of a large law firm but offer personalized service to each client
  • When you are represented by our firm, your attorney will have the support of a dedicated staff, but your attorney will always be lead attorney Al Lasso. Your case is our priority. Always.
  • We will meet with you in your home or any other location that is convenient for you

Call (702) 625-8777(702) 625-8777 at any time of day or night to discuss your case with an experienced lawyer. We offer free one hour consultations that imply absolutely no obligation on your part. Call to see how we can help you get compensation.

If we do Not Win your Case, You Pay no Legal Fees

Our law firm will devote extensive resources to pursue justice on your behalf but, unless we win, we absorb the costs of our efforts. To find the truth and uncover the evidence that is most beneficial to your case, we may call upon

  • Accident scene investigators
  • Doctors and other medical experts to analyze the cause and consequences of your injuries
  • Life-care planners to determine the cost of the best ongoing treatment for your injuries
  • Mechanical engineers, metallurgists, city planners, bio-mechanics specialists and other experts to determine all parties responsible for your misfortune

We will use whatever resources necessary to fight for you, but we will never collect fees unless we win. Many people believe that another driver, a single employee, or another individual may have caused their injuries. While responsibility may lie, in part, with an irresponsible individual, a skilled attorney knows how to uncover the truth about all the parties responsible. Pursuing multiple sources of compensation may be the best way to achieve the support that you need. If a car company, a municipal government, safety equipment manufacturer or any other organization failed to make safety a priority, they must be held accountable. By calling on specialists, we can uncover the truth. Reach out to us for legal guidance and access to experts you need during this challenging time in your life.