Speeding endangers lives on Las Vegas roads. What's causing it?

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Everyone knows that those who drive at an unsafe speed can endanger themselves and others. Speeding, however, has become a part of our driving culture. Some drivers do it because they're in a hurry to reach their destination. Alcohol or drug-impairment — which leads to poor judgment — may also be a factor in speeding.

Safety advocates believe that the design of our roadways and raised speed limits also encourages drivers to speed. As early as 1995, Nevada raised its speed limits as high as 80 mph on some desert highways.

Is speeding encouraged on Las Vegas roads?

According to a study conducted by QuoteWizard, a platform for comparing car insurance rates, Nevada has the fifth-highest speed limit in the United States. This ranking was determined after analyzing speed limit data (highest and lowest) from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and the State Highway Safety Offices.

Nevada has an average posted speed limit of 72.5. At that speed, Nevada was found to be neck and neck with Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Montana, Louisiana, and Michigan. The average nationwide speed limit is 67.7 mph, according to the study.

In comparison to most states, however, Nevada ranked poorly for the number of speeding citations issued to drivers who violate the posted speed limits. The only other states that were found to give out fewer citations were Arizona and Pennsylvania.

In 2018, approximately 330 traffic fatalities occurred on Nevada roads — 92 of which were the result of speeding.

Are speed limits a factor in Las Vegas accidents?

In Las Vegas, and across Clark County, the speed limit is 45 mph on arterials and 25-35 mph within city limits. Some local transportation officials believe that the currently posted speed limits around the city are safe and reasonable. They believe this despite devastating speed-related crashes continuing to occur.

In late December 2019, one incident involving a speeder resulted in a chain-reaction crash that killed three people in West Las Vegas, according to FOX5. The crash occurred at Desert Inn Road and Durango Drive. According to police, the driver of a 2019 Mazda was traveling at a dangerous speed before rear-ending another car carrying five passengers.

The car was forced into an intersection where it was struck by other vehicles. Three cars reportedly caught fire in the incident. Good Samaritans helped rescue two children from a burning car, who were taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries.

In response to the incident, Las Vegas police said in a tweet, "3 innocent lives were taken from this earth, from their families, because of the selfish and reckless actions of one individual. 7 cars involved as they were sitting waiting for a traffic signal to change. When is it enough?"

I was involved in a crash with a speeding driver. What are my options?

Whether your crash occurred on Las Vegas's streets or highways outside of the city, you have rights that must be upheld. The legal team at Lasso Injury Law LLC has successfully fought for settlements of injured motorists — and our case results prove it.

If you were involved in a crash with a speeder, we urge you to get immediate medical attention. See a doctor even if you feel OK. You may be unsure about which legal course of action you should take next. Your best bet is to consult with an experienced Las Vegas attorney. To learn more, contact us online and schedule your free consultation.

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