The Epidemic of Child Fatalities in Las Vegas Swimming Pools

Premises liability has a hefty toll on vulnerable people

Taking a dip should not lead to a 911 call. Children play in swimming pools all the time, and usually emerge unscathed. However, this is not always the case. Pools are dangerous, and drowning can occur in waters as shallow as several inches. Many youths are not experienced or strong swimmers, so the possibilities of swimming pool related accidents and linked fatalities are much higher than that of adults.Swimming Pool Injury Attorneys

Swimming pools pose a significant risk to anyone around them, and should be closely monitored. Gates, tarps, and removing ladders from pools after usage can help prevent the unthinkable. And owners have a responsibility to help keep their community safe. Dangerous property conditions that result in injury lead to premises liability cases that require skilled lawyers to handle. Lasso Injury Law fights for Las Vegas victims of injuries due to dangerous conditions or poor security.

Water-related deaths are all too common

Children are often victims of water-related deaths, and in most cases, they could have been prevented. Several cases have occurred this summer alone. A fourteen-year-old boy drowned in a central valley residential swimming pool, passing away at University Medical Center's pediatrics unit. That comes after reports that 2016 saw 28 drowning-related deaths in Clark County, including nine children.

Just days apart, another boy drowned in the wave pool at Cowabunga water park. Fortunately, he received CPR, survived and was hospitalized without official comment on his condition. He is not the first to have that accident occur - a year prior, another young boy almost drowned in the same wave pool, and a lawsuit followed.

Even more disturbingly, a 4-year-old girl nearly drowned in a swimming pool, prompting an investigation into whether or not the case involved neglect. Not properly securing the areas around swimming pools frequently leads to accidents, especially when young children live near the premises. Summer should be a time of enjoyment, not filled with hazards.

Hold property owners accountable

Dangerous conditions around property can end in severe injuries or fatalities. Property owners have a responsibility to eliminate those hazards. Fences, gates, and other security measures can easily be installed in order to prevent catastrophes. If proper precautions are not taken by property owners, the unthinkable can quickly become reality.

Neglect can kill. Retaining high-quality legal counsel can help. Contact us today if you or someone you know has suffered as the result of negligence.

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