Rex's Law Takes a Stand Against Excessive Speeding in Nevada

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A Las Vegas car accident lawyer breaks down what the new law means

Lawmakers in Nevada recently adopted Rex’s Law, which takes an even tougher stance against speeding drivers who cause fatal car accidents in Nevada, including increasing the maximum prison sentence for drivers who cause such collisions.

“This bill is about others, it’s not about Rex, right? It’s about other victims of reckless driving. and as you all know, reckless driving has become a plague in our community,” said Jason Patchett in an interview with 8 News Now about the new law named after Patchett’s son, Rex, who died in a car accident last year.

As for particular states, pedestrian fatalities in Nevada continued to be a serious problem last year, especially in Las Vegas, where the vast majority of pedestrian deaths statewide occur every year.

What is Rex’s Law?

Officially known as Senate Bill 322, Rex’s Law increases the penalties for fatal car accidents caused by drivers who were excessively speeding at the time of the collision. Passed by a unanimous vote in the Nevada Senate and signed into law by Gov. Governor Joe Lombardo in July, Rex’s Law increases the maximum prison time for fatal accidents involving drivers going more than 50 mph over the speed limit. The maximum prison time is now 10 years. Previously, it was 6 years, according to 8 News Now.

Rex’s Law is named after 13-year-old Rex Patchett, who tragically died in March 2022 when a driver going more than 100 mph struck Patchett in front of Mannion Middle School while Patchett was walking home from a friend’s house, 8 News Now reported.

How common are speed-related accidents in Nevada?

In 2021, a record-high 112 people died in car accidents in Nevada caused by speeding drivers, according to accident data collected by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Speed-related accidents have also become a major problem nationwide in recent years. In 2021, speed-related accident fatalities increased for the third year in a row nationwide to 12,330 deaths, which represents 29 percent of all car accident fatalities, according to the National Safety Council.

How common are pedestrian accidents in Nevada?

The adoption of Rex’s Law also highlights the dangers pedestrians face daily. Sadly, pedestrian fatalities in Nevada have steadily increased nearly every year in the past decade. In 2021, for example, 80 pedestrian fatalities occurred, according to NHTSA data. That figure is the second-highest pedestrian death toll in Nevada spanning the past decade.

Speeding & pedestrian accidents are a major problem in Clark County

While speeding and pedestrian accidents are a problem throughout Nevada, the situation is particularly grim in Clark County, which includes Las Vegas.

According to NHTSA data, Clark County set a record for speed-related accident fatalities in 2021 with 77 deaths, which accounts for 68 percent of such fatalities in Nevada.

For pedestrian accidents, Clark County had 61 fatalities in 2021, which represents 76 percent of all pedestrian fatalities in Nevada for that year, according to NHTSA pedestrian accident data.

Holding negligent drivers accountable

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