Playground Defects Put Las Vegas Children At Risk of Sustaining Injuries

Las Vegas personal injury lawyerGetting bumps and bruises while running and playing is part of being a kid, but serious injuries can be prevented simply by ensuring that our playgrounds are free of hazards and defects. There are roughly 700 playgrounds throughout Clark County, and unfortunately, many of them have been ignored by those who are responsible for maintaining them.

More than 400 playgrounds awaiting repair

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, many of these playgrounds (including those within school districts) have broken equipment, uneven surfaces, and other defects that have been neglected.

Schools are required to submit work orders when defects are identified. These work orders must be approved before repairs and updates are made, but, according to district data, there are more than 400 repairs that are waiting to be made – some dating as far back as February 2018.

In addition, health district records have shown at least 15 repeat violations within school districts – 13 of which had not been addressed over a period of months. Playground hazards often include:

  • Cracks in pavement – which can lead to tripping hazards
  • Broken equipment such as holes in slides, loose gymnastic bars, and tricycles with missing hand grips
  • Missing rubber and protective guards – putting kids at risk of contact with sharp objects

Playgrounds in Clark County are checked twice yearly by health inspectors – who can issue fines of $239 if schools don’t address hazardous violations or don’t produce evidence of work orders.

Putting the safety of children first

Fixing playground defects can often be costly and can take a lengthy period of time. It is critical that parties involved in maintaining playgrounds put the safety of children using the equipment first.

Clark County has already seen a slew of serious injuries on playgrounds including:

  • Head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Facial and tooth injuries
  • Cuts and lacerations

If your child has sustained an injury on a playground due to defective or unmaintained equipment, it’s important that you discuss this matter with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who can launch an investigation.

School districts may be held accountable when they fail to address safety issues on playgrounds or have repeat safety violations. If certain equipment was too dangerous to use, and a school district was waiting for a work order to be approved, that equipment should have been closed off. These factors and more will be considered when helping you build a strong personal injury claim.

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