Negligent security in Las Vegas hotels and casinos



Life is returning to normal in Las Vegas – both good and bad. A year after the pandemic gutted the tourism business, visitors are flocking back to the city. But those same tourists can fall victim to poor security at negligent hotels and casinos.

The good news: Vegas is back in business

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the number of visitors to Las Vegas plummeted 55% last year when compared to 2019. The city was completely closed from April to June 2020. Besides crippling the gaming and entertainment industry, COVID-19 limitations cost hundreds of thousands of workers their jobs. Lost wages were estimated at $7.7 billion, while the city collected $1 billion less in taxes.

That all changed in early spring. Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak loosened the state’s stay-at-home order. That allowed casinos, bars, and restaurants to reopen at 50% capacity. Tourists, many of them armed with their $1,400 stimulus checks, swarmed back to indulge in a city whose adult entertainment is reflected in its catchphrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

The bad news: As usual, there are problems

The return of tourists, though, has also meant serious security issues for visitors. As early as last fall, officials were expressing concern about a series of incidents, including an in-casino brawl, street fights, shootings, and a stabbing. In one case, a handgun discharged on a casino floor, although no one was injured.

In response, some casinos are screening visitors, using metal-detecting wands and searching purses, backpacks, briefcases, and other bags. Other casinos have been mum about their security measures.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department offers safety tips to visitors to avoid violent crimes. They include:

  • Locking your hotel room door after entering and leaving.
  • Keeping valuables in your hotel room safe or with the hotel front desk.
  • Never propping open your door.
  • Only opening your door when you know who is there.
  • Never inviting strangers to your room.
  • Hanging the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob and leaving a light or TV on when away.
  • Immediately notifying hotel security if you receive unsolicited food or business flyers at your door.
  • Locking your luggage at all times.
  • Never providing credit card numbers or personal information over the phone, even if the caller claims to represent hotel management.
  • Immediately reporting suspicious activity to hotel security.
  • Inquiring about safe places to eat, shop, walk, jog, etc.
  • Knowing the location of fire escapes, elevators, and emergency exits.

How to protect your rights after an incident

The freewheeling nature of Las Vegas invites both adventurous tourists and, unfortunately, criminals. If you have been the victim of a violent crime at a casino, hotel, or another business in Las Vegas, you may also be the victim of negligent security. Were outside doors locked and monitored? Were non-guests allowed to enter? Did recent staffing cuts leave security forces shorthanded Often in cases involving negligent security, the property owner is more likely to blame you than to accept responsibility. Or they will offer you special perks in exchange for not involving the police.

At Lasso Injury Law LLC in Las Vegas, personal injury attorney Al Lasso has been protecting victims just like you since 2003. A former casino worker himself, he knows how the resorts operate and think. While you are injured, he will fight back against any insurance company that tries to tempt you with an inadequate settlement offer. He will aggressively protect your rights while seeking both justice and fair financial compensation.

Contact us today for a free case consultation. It would be our honor to review the details of your potential legal case.

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