Casino Attacks and Negligent Security

Las Vegas personal injury lawyerCasinos are designed for people who want to have fun and, if they choose to gamble, take some risks. Most people might assume the best thing that can happen at a card table or slot machine is a big win; the worst outcome would be a big loss.

But there are worse scenarios than losing money at a casino. Unfortunately, people sometimes get assaulted through no fault of their own. And getting seriously injured at a casino is a risk no one should have to accept.

In a recent high-profile case, a man was charged with an assault involving entertainer Flavor Flav, according to Flavor Flav, whose real name is William Jonathan Drayton Jr., allegedly was punched at the South Point Casino on January 23. The man charged with the crime had already served prison time for involuntary manslaughter.

According to news reports, the man charged in the assault said he confronted the entertainer because he believed Drayton had disrespected his mother.

Why casino owners must make security a priority

Unfortunately, more so than many other businesses, casinos can be magnets for criminal behavior. Criminals are aware that large sums of cash flow in and out of gaming establishments.

Other factors create potentially dangerous situations. The casinos in Las Vegas draw tourists from around the world. Every day, people from all walks of life visit casinos that have an open-door policy and encourage a care-free atmosphere. Add alcohol to the mix and the result can be unpredictable behavior by people at casinos.

That’s why casino owners have a major responsibility to keep their premises safe from all types of hazards. If you or a loved one was robbed, assaulted, raped or murdered at a casino and the owner of the premises was negligent, you may have grounds for a negligent security lawsuit. Attacks may occur inside of a casino but can also happen in parking lots or elsewhere on the premises.

To maintain safety, casino owners should ensure their premises have adequate lighting, bouncers, attendants and other security personnel. Casinos must have cameras with security personnel monitoring them and watching out for any unusual behavior by visitors.

Unfortunately, the level of security is not consistent at Las Vegas casinos. Some businesses hire poorly trained staff or simply do not have an adequate number of personnel working at the casino.

Additionally, many casino owners are more concerned with discouraging cheating or stealing from their employees. The prevention of crimes against visitors is a lower priority, placing visitors at an unnecessary risk of getting seriously injured.

If you or a loved one is a victim of negligent security at a casino, you may be entitled to compensation. Don’t wait to contact Lasso Injury Law. Free consultation. Fill out our online contact form to find out how we can help you.

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