Falls Caused by Steep Seats in Las Vegas Arenas

T-Mobile Arena celebrates the second anniversary of its opening this month. While many have enjoyed the entertainment available in that time, there are rising concerns about the safety of the upper seating decks. Part of a recent architectural shift that has occurred all over the nation, the cheapest seats at T-Mobile are built at a...

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Casino Attacks and Negligent Security

Casinos are designed for people who want to have fun and, if they choose to gamble, take some risks. Most people might assume the best thing that can happen at a card table or slot machine is a big win; the worst outcome would be a big loss. But there are worse scenarios than losing...

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Accidental Discharge of Las Vegas Police Officer’s Weapon Raises Liability Questions

A man was injured on the Las Vegas Strip after a police officer’s weapon discharged one round, according to a report in the Las Vegas Journal-Review. The news story raises questions about whether the police can be held liable in cases of “negligent discharge” of a weapon that causes injury to a bystander. The incident...

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Las Vegas Autonomous Shuttle Accident Raises Liability Questions

Self-driving buses may be the future of transportation, but on its first day of operations, an autonomous bus experienced an age-old problem: It got into an accident. The bus accident, which happened in Las Vegas, raises questions about who is responsible when crashes occur that involve self-driving vehicles. Most motor vehicle accidents can be traced...

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Bobby Baldwin Fall Shows Danger of Casinos

Recent Slip and Fall Accident Highlights Safety Concerns Every year, millions of people travel to Las Vegas to enjoy our casino resorts. Generally, the risks are believed to be understood – gambling has its odds of success and patrons know they're risking their money. Sometimes, however, other dangers appear that were not planned, and these...

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