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For an Injury at a Las Vegas Resort, Call an Experienced Lawyer

If you have been injured while at a Las Vegas casino, you may be trapped in a labyrinth of bureaucracy. No one may be offering you support. You may have questions about getting compensation for injuries caused by resort owner or employee negligence. There may be many obstacles between you and the compensation you need. Most of the large casinos and hotels have insurance policies that are designed to keep compensation from people who have been injured as the result of

  • A slip and fall at a casino
  • Liability involving assault, sexual assault and harassment
  • Negligent security in a bar, on the casino floor, around the pool or in a parking lot
  • Pedestrian accidents that occur on resort property
  • Premises liability that may indicate unsafe or unclean conditions at the resort

Before you accept a settlement from a resort representative or their insurance company, call us. Our law firm knows how to pursue maximum compensation on your behalf in these types of incidents. Before you sign any type of agreement with the casino personnel, their security team or insurance company, reach out to us for advice that can make a tremendous difference in your case. Free consultations at (702) 625-8777 24 hours a day.

Do Not Accept a Low-Ball Offer

The goal of many insurance companies and large corporations in general is to refuse to pay on all injury claims. If they must pay compensation because their liability is undeniable, they will often try to settle out of court in a very hasty way. They may hope that the problem simply goes away. If you have been injured at a casino and the property owner is clearly at fault, do not accept a low-ball offer. Your injuries, your pain and suffering, your current and future lost wages, your long-term health...these must all be considered when assessing how much compensation you need.

Our firm has the resources to help you fight for the settlement you deserve. If the casino will not settle for a fair amount, we have the resources and the tenacity to take them to court. Of course we will begin by gathering the details of your case and analyzing its merits. If we accept your case, we do so on contingency; we collect no fees unless we win. To protect your best interests and ours, we will not accept your case unless we are confident we can win. Call us for a free consultation to determine if we can help you.