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Las Vegas Burn Injury Lawyers

Gain Maximum Compensation for Burn Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury in Las Vegas or nearby community, you need maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. To get such compensation, call Las Vegas Burn Injury Lawyer Al Lasso. With his years of experience as an aggressive negotiator and successful trial attorney, Al Lasso has the skills, the resources and the record of success to help you.

Call 702-625-8777 for a free consultation with a Las Vegas burn injury lawyer. We only accept cases on contingency. If we do not win your case, you owe us nothing.

Because burn injuries can be so severe, victims may need long-term medical attention including skin grafts, reconstructive surgery and extensive pain management. In some cases, severe burns can lead to premature death. The individuals or organization that may have contributed to burn injuries should be held accountable and should provide fair compensation for their negligent or criminal behavior. Lasso Injury Law is prepared to fight on your behalf no matter how complex your legal challenges may be.

Insurance Companies May Not Offer Fair Compensation

Whether the burn injuries occurred as the result of a car or motorcycle accident, a house fire, wild fire or other cause, Las Vegas Burn Injury Lawyer Al Lasso has the skills and the experience to fight on your behalf. Many times, the medical attention necessary for burn victims is extremely costly and may entail costs that extend for years and even decades. Insurance companies are often extremely aggressive in these types of cases because they may not want to incur large costs. Call Las Vegas Burn Injury Lawyer Al Lasso before you settle with an insurance company or agree to any of their demands:

  • Insurance companies may deny your claim
  • The claims process may be endlessly delayed or made overly complex
  • They may offer a low-ball settlement or offer nothing

In some cases, your own insurance company may become your adversary and blame you for your injuries. Even if they do agree to pay, they may offer what sounds like a substantial amount of money. The amount offered may be far below what is fair. Before you accept the insurance company's findings or agree to their settlement, contact a lawyer. We have your best interests in mind and collect nothing unless we win your case. Lasso Injury Law is aggressive, resourceful and experienced. Contact us for the help you need to pursue maximum compensation after a Las Vegas burn injury.